Monday, November 14, 2011

Another Birthday!

September, October and November are filled with birthdays for us.  Miles and Aunt Christine in September, Isla and Uncle Danny in October, and Ben and Grandma M in November.  Really, between Ben's and my family, we can cover every month except April (sorry if I'm forgetting someone!).  I'm guessing at some point in the future we'll cover every month. 

As far as November goes, Saturday was Ben's 28th birthday!  Getting closer to 30 every day [:/].  We celebrated by going out to dinner at China Dragon, Ben's choice, and doing gifts and cake after up at Grandma and Grandpa M's.  We ended up staying the night because, well, a reason I'll share in the next post [:)].

For some  pictures marking the day.  I didn't get any good present opening pictures as he had opened most of them from his  parents prior to meeting for dinner and he let Miles open the one from me (because he already knew what it was as someone can't keep a secret!).

On our way to dinner, I picked up his cake.  I thought he'd like the dino!
I got some  frosting and wrote the Ben and 28.

Here's what 28 candles looks like: 

He got them all on  his first try, much to Miles' dismay. 
He is wearing most of his gifts from his parents.  Seahawks sweatshirt, beanie, and some new shoes. He also got a couple other hats, a new nutcracker (also Seahawks), and a new Batman video game from me.

He wanted to eat the dino face. 

Miss Isla really wanted some cake! 

And was quite happy once she got some!

Today is Grandma Sara's birthday.  Happy Birthday, Grandma Sara!


  1. Wow - she really likes that cake!

  2. BTW - That other post better come soon. I want to know why you stayed over. :)