Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Presants and the rest of the Party

After lunch and cake, it was time for presents.  Even though we always try to pare things down a bit, somehow there is always a mound of gifts!  We told Miles he could help Isla open them this year, which worked well :).

Ben and I got her this stroller and some things to go with it.  She was immediately entranced. 

She  got some new shoes from Grandma and Grandpa O, some pink Robeez with flowers. 
She seems to have an affinity for pink, which makes her mama happy :)!

She also has an affinity for babies...also much to my pleasure!  She loves her little baby that we got to go with her stroller. 
She always knows where her baby is, will go get it if you ask her where the baby is, and always gives her hugs and snuggles...so cute!

She also got this wonderful activity block from Grandma and Grandpa M.  Both Isla and Miles have enjoyed it. 

Here's a  few shots of her playing with her baby and stroller. 

She also likes to climb on, and sit in, her stroller.  Silly girl!

She got an adorable pink car from Aunt Christine, Uncle Cameron and Cousins Peter and Moira.  Thanks!  Isla loves pushing it around the house.

And she got a bunch of new bath toys and toy basket to replace a bunch of bath toys we've decided to toss.  These were from Grandma and Grandpa O.

After all the fun, she was up for some snuggles! 

It was a great party.  We all had a good time.  I cannot believe our sweet girl is now over a year old!  She is such a sweet and precious girl who never holds back on the smiles and snuggles.  Here's to another great year for Miss Isla!

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