Monday, November 21, 2011

These boots were made for walking!

I wrote a post about Miles and boots a while ago...remember?

Anyhow, this post is alternately titled, 12 months!, since I'm going to throw in a few developmental stats, etc.  Even though she is officially 13months today...

To start, Isla obviously had a birthday.  It was followed by a 12month well child visit.  She weighed in at 19# 6oz and was  28.75inches long.  She actually went UP in the weight %tile by 3, to a whopping 27%th!  Her height dropped to 40th-ish.  Miles at this age was 21# 8oz and was 31.25inches.  Long!!!

Miles also had a visit that day.  He measured up just fine with a weight of 37lbs (also up on the percentile) and a height of 41.75inches (80th%).  He is doing quite well developmentally.  We skipped the shots for my sake.  Isla didn't escape them and actually has two more in a couple weeks...

Isla consistently says "mama" and sometimes "dada".  She also "says" all done (she signs it, though incorrectly...we know what she means :)).  She is finally starting to walk as well!  The past few days she is more consistently taking 6or so steps in a row and will get up and try again over and over.  She's getting there! 

Speaking of walking...back to the boots :).  She now has some boots that are for walking, unlike Miles'.  I had originally ordered some boots from, custom made, and was really really excited about them.  I got them in the mail on Saturday and was sorely disappointed.  They were too big (wide and long) and despite altering them myself, I couldn't get them to fit without just falling right off.  Also, the craftsmanship wasn't what I had hoped.  I dropped about $30 on them, so I wasn't really up for buying another pair, especially since I couldn't find exactly what I wanted in stores.  So, I decided to use the boots I had bought, as well as her Robeez and make a pattern for a new custom pair, handmade by me!  I spent about $10 in fabric, buttons, and elastic and I can make multiple pair to match multiple outfits should I desire. 

So, drumroll please...  Here they are!

They turned out pretty darn well, if you ask me.  They stay on her feet and should be warm.  The soles, inside, are also lined with the sherpa.

I designed the insides to be like her Robeez style shoes.  They have elastic around the ankle, so she can't get them off.   They were kind of a pain to put together, and I went through two needles on my sewing machine, but I think I've got it figured out now.  The first boot, putting it together, took forever, the second one moved right along.

Now here is Miss Isla modeling her new boots!

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