Sunday, November 13, 2011


Miles loves Halloween.  Most specifically, he loves trick-or-treating...aka, free candy!  He also loves dressing up any day of the week (and pretty much every day!).

I had purchased Halloween costumes for the kids back in September from Costco.  Miles said he wanted the fireman costume, and it was great quality, so I bought that.  I also got a cute little ladybug for Miss Isla.  I knew whether Miles changed his mind prior to Halloween or not, I'd still get my $$ worth, seeing as how he wore it many times prior to the date.

As Halloween approached, Miles started to change his mind a bit, but kept coming back to the fireman...until the day before.  We went shopping at Old Navy and found  part of Batman dog costume (just the hat and the cape) and they gave it to us for free (the main Batman part was missing).  Miles decided he wanted to be a bat.  Not Batman, but just an all black bat.  With wings and a hat.  Luckily, I had seen this tutorial on a blog I frequent and thought it looked easy enough that I could make it Halloween afternoon.  And so I did.  Miles loved it!

It took me a bit longer than I had expected  (but what doesn't!?!?) but I finished just in time to leave for downtown.

First, we stopped at the 'bucks for some "candy" for Ben and me :).  Then we went around River Park Square for the Trick-or-Treating.

Miles was very excited!  I think he's "flying" in this picture.

And showing me his wings here!

Isla, after a short nap, enjoyed her trick-or-treating as well.  She got a bit of candy, mostly that I picked out :).

After the mall, we went up to Grandma and Grandpa M's house to ring their door bell and get some candy :).  Isla is getting close to walking and will take a few steps at a time, but mostly is stubborn and wants to hold onto your hands! 
She made such a cute little bug! 

Then we headed down to Grandma and  Grandpa O's house to do some outside trick-or-treating.  We hit up about 6 houses and had a great time.  Miles was adorable and wanted to go inside every house and pet the dogs.  Well, except for the house with the yappy dogs in which he ran from the house, covering his ears, yelling "ouch, owie, ouch, ouch, ouchie! They are hurting my ears, my ears!".  It was hysterical (mostly because they are the neighbors my parents have complained to about their dogs many many times in the past). 
Isla came to the first house, then went back to Grandma's so she didn't freeze!

Then we let her have a sucker.  She didn't want to take it out of her mouth and she loved it! 

And made a big sticky mess...

Halloween was a big success for all parties involved this year!

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