Monday, July 2, 2012

Water and Park Fun

Monday in Bellingham was gorgeous!  It was 70-75 and sunny.  The perfect day for a walk and playing at the park.  In the morning, we headed downtown so Ben could go to Avalon Music store, his favorite record store in Washington.  He got a couple new albums there.  While he was purusing the music store, I wandered the streets with the kids.  Kids and record shops don't mesh well!  It was nice to meander and Ben got to take his time purusing.

We met Uncle Tyler for lunch at a bagel shop.  It was a nice, light lunch and we had fun visiting with Uncle Tyler.  Unfortunatley I was slacking in the photography department again!

Auntie Annie took the afternoon off work to hang out with us.  We loved it!  We met at Old Fairhaven (where my older sister used to live) and walked along the water to Woods for some coffee and then play at the park.

The kids had fun at the park.  They've been there before (well, Miles has).  It was a little bittersweet as his cousins Peter and Moira were always there with us in the past.

Sometimes I see pictures of Isla and see a glimpse of her cousin, Moira!

The kids played together, as well as with other kids.  Miles took his shoes off because the bark kept getting in his Isla took hers off too!

Hugs and snuggles for Auntie Annie.

After playing at the park, we went down by the water to throw rocks.  I have similar pictures of Miles at this age climbing the logs.  I think my mom has similar pictures of ME at this age, also climbing beached's become a tradition of mine!

Isla had fun throwing rocks and exploring the differen textures.

Miles got quite wet!

He also had a fun time exploring textures and new things.  We saw some little crabs, but they were difficult to capture on camera because they were fast and blended into the rocks!

After we walked back to our cars (which was a long walk with a whiny, tired, hungy boy!), we went to Boundary Bay Brewery for some yummy dinner.

Thank you, Auntie Annie for hanging out with us!

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