Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Labor Day Weekend

This summer wasn't quite as full of weekends at the lake as I had hoped.  I guess life just got in the way...boo.  We did make it up for a nice three day weekend Labor Day weekend.  I ended up having Friday night off work, so we went up Saturday morning and I was well rested for once!  Usually we head up to the lake right after I get off work, which means sleeping for several hours once we get there.  We had a few logisitcal issues this time as Isla has learned how to open doors.  We had to buy some knob covers to keep her in her bedroom at night so that a) she would fall asleep, and b) she wouldn't get up while everyone else was sleeping and fall throught the railing of the loft or town the stairs, to her certain death (or at the very least, serious injury)!  On Saturday, Tom took us all out on a boat ride.  It was fun!  Isla thought it was simply amazing:
Hair blowing in the wind...what could be better!?!

Miles fought off bad guys with his water gun, and tried to "fish".

After our boat ride and a nice dinner, the kids took a bubble bath.  Some regular baby shampoo + jetted tup = amazing bubbles!

Here are just a few pictures of sweet Isla.  She is getting so big :( !

I forgot my camera, so these pictures are all thanks to Grandma Sara...thank you! 
On Sunday, we headed over to Sandpoint (where we hit Walmart to get knob covers).  We had some lunch at a Mexican restaurant where Isla loved dipping her chips in the mild salsa and eating the salsa off.  The girl loves some salsa...who knew!  Eventually, she'd eat the chip and get a new one.  After lunch, we grabbed some coffee and hit the beach.  Being the unprepared mommy, I hadn't thought it would be warm enough to swim and didn't bring suits or life vests for the kids.  I should have known it would be warm enough for them!  Miles went in the water in his shorts, sans shirt, and we stripped Isla to her diaper.  I slathered them both in sunscreen and they had a blast!
We hit the road back to Spokane after breakfast on Monday.  Monday afternoon, we went over to a friend's house for a pig roast...the kind where the roast an entire big on skewers in a whole in the ground...Ben was in heaven.  It was the perfect Labor Day weekend!

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