Sunday, September 16, 2012

Baby Shower

A little over a month ago (way behind, I know!), we held a work baby shower for two gals who were (and one still is) ready to pop.  Both Kaycee and Jaime are having boys.  Sweet Charlie, Jaime's baby was born at the end of August.  Sweet Marshall (due next week), has yet to show his face (that I know of) :).  I helped host/organize the party.  We had it at the same park where my shower was with Isla.  It is always fun to get together and celebrate the babies of my coworkers!

 The kids had fun eating treats and running around.
This sweet babe was just a few weeks old in this picture.  Lorelai was born at the beginning of July.  Kale (the little boy in the spiderman shirt) shares a birthday with Isla...he's only about 6hrs younger!

Like I said, the kids had fun running around.  Miles, however, was not having fun after someone threw mud all over him!  He was able to "shower off" in the splash pad :). 

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