Monday, September 24, 2012

Firefighter Birthday

For months, Miles told me he wanted a firefighter/fire truck themed birthday party.  I got busy on Pinterest, and pinned away.  I think some of my ideas were from last year when I wanted to throw a firefighter themed party, and he switched it up on me a month before, wanting a Batman theme. 
About a month before, I created a grand plan, made a large Amazon purchase, went to Hobby Lobby and Joann's and got to work.
First, I made a guest list and made the invites:

I printed, cut, stamped, and colored all the invites.

 I spent many hours making decorations and planning.  Here's how everything turned out.  I pretty much crafted everything by hand.
The wreath is new for fall.  A "bubble" wreath made with burlap.  I designed, printed, and decorated the sign.
Here's the overall look of the room.  I even drew and colored the fireman hanging on the wall for "pin the badge on the fireman".

I blew up all the balloons and strung them from the ceiling fan.  Both kids LOVED the balloons.  It will definitely be a repeat for Isla's birthday next month!  The food was red and yellow themed...Goldfish, Twizzler "fire ropes", and strawberry and pineapple kabobs.
I printed and cut the birthday banner.  It is hanging on our chalkboard that I covered in brick print cloth.
I strung the banner using these adorable little red clothes pins, and hand painted the firehouse sign.  I plan to paint the back side with "Be Thankful" or something along those lines, for fall.

The mason jar "cups" are made with the metal disc removed from the jar and replaced with red and yellow cupcake papers and red and white paper straws punched through them.

The fire hydrant is a pinata made from an oatmeal canister.  The rounded top was made using paper mache over an aluminum foil covered bowl.  The foil also created the round ridge around the top.  The three "arms", for lack of a better word, were made out of a Krispy Kreme box.  All covered in paper mache, newspaper, then red tissue paper.

I also sewed, stamped, colored, and assembled all the favor bags.  I love how they turned out!

Last, but not least, I also "served" firetruck shaped "jammed" sandwiches, a Miles favorite.
I also made the cake!  It was a fire truck (obviously).  It was chocolate with butter cream frosting, covered in homemade fondant.  The fondant was made using a pinterest inspired recipe with marshmallows and powder sugar!  Super easy and yummy.  No one actually tasted the cake though...Miles didn't want to cut it :).
I love how it all turned out!  Despite the fact that his kids party on Saturday (the day before) was cancelled due to five of the six children planning to come were ill, he still said it was the best birthday ever! 
I'll follow up with the rest of the party and the annual trip to the county fair in the next post...too many pictures!



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