Saturday, November 6, 2010

Halloween Weekend Part 2

Christine came over the morning of Halloween to spend a bit of time snuggling Isla and chatting. Miles roped her into building a few towers for him to knock over :) She came with gifts of clothes for Isla, a big bag of 3-6mos clothes of Moira's and a puzzle for Miles.

After visiting, Miles took his "rest time" and then we got ready for trick-or-treating. Isla dressed up as and owl with her cute little hat. Her onsie also had an owl on it.

Miles dressed up as a tiger, which he was pretty proud of!

Then we met up with the cousins. Moira was a little bunny (with very floppy ears) and Peter was Super Pete! They were so cute! It was fun watching all the little kids admire each other's costumes. Miles was especially intrigued by the Buzz Lightyears and the Firemen. We went trick-or-treating at a local shopping mall that went from 4-6, so was pretty much all a younger crowd. The kids caught on quickly and everyone enjoyed themselves (and stayed warm!).

Here we got all four to sit down for just a minute. Poor Isla is blinded by her hat. I tried to get a picture of just the two of them with her hat fixed, but Miles kept saying "I'm all done with Isla" so I had to grab her before he pushed her off the bench!

After about 45min, we headed over to PF Changs for dinner.

After dinner, my sister, her husband, and the cousins left to go back home and we headed back to the park. Rumor had it that a church rented the carousel after it closed for the season and was giving out free rides and bags of candy. It was true! They rented it for two hours and we caught one of the last rides. It was a lot of fun!

After the ride, we headed home and Miles headed to bed (after some candy). It was a great fun and family filled weekend!

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  1. Glad you caught the carousel. Peter was so done when we left that he wept the entire way to the car and then in the car for quite a bit. It was a very long drive home. But we made it. We had fun visiting you all!