Saturday, November 6, 2010

Halloween Weekend Part 1

For those interested, my birth story is a few posts down. It posted under the original date that I wrote it, not the date I posted it. Here's the link.

Halloween weekend was a fun one. Friday before, I finally started feeling human again and actually had some energy. My sister and her crew came over late that night from Bellingham with plans to see us, and Isla, for the weekend. Unfortunately, her son Peter (who is Miles' age) spiked a fever on Thursday night, causing us to modify our plans a bit. Overall, a fun weekend was had by all!

We had planned to keep the kids apart on Saturday, though Peter was feeling better and hadn't had his fever return. So, Ben and I took our kiddos down to a local bookstore for some Halloween book readings. Miles wasn't that into it (there were a TON of kids there!), so we headed to grab some coffee, then to the carousel and park. It turned out that my sister, her husband, kids, and my parents were also down there. We let the kids run around the park some with the rule of "no touching" each other.

First we stopped by the carousel for what we thought was one last ride off the season. Miles enjoyed himself as always.

Isla stayed nice and snuggled in her Ergo carrier.

Then we headed over to the "Wagon Park" to go down the slide a few times before lunch. This is where we met up with the crew. However, Pete and Miles did such a good job staying apart that I don't have any pictures with anyone other than Miles (and Grandpa O in one)! My sister has more pics on her blog if you have access to it.

After the wagon, we headed to Azteca for lunch. We sat the boys at opposite ends of the table to keep them apart. Miles insisted on riding this donkey (though he probably shouldn't have, but there wasn't a sign that asked people to keep off...).
We had a good time seeing my sister and her kids. She got to meet and hold Isla a bit. The next day (Halloween), she came over to our house by herself to snuggle with Isla and chat, though Miles thought she had come over to play with him :)

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