Wednesday, November 24, 2010

One Month!

Time flies! My sweet baby girl was one month old on Sunday (11-21). I feel like it is flying by, which is both happy and sad, especially as we're 99% sure we're done having kiddos. After I had Miles, I missed being pregnant, missed having him in my belly, knowing he was safe and always with me. I thought for sure I wouldn't feel that way after having Isla. I was a fairly miserable pregnant lady this time around. I was so sore and exhausted, far more emotional (just ask Ben!), and ready for it to be over. As Isla grows and I think about leaving her (for any reason), I find myself wanting to tuck her back inside, just like I did after having Miles. I saw a pregnant gal the other day at Babies R Us and even felt a little sad seeing her cute bump... Yikes! Definitely emotions I was not expecting!

Well, our baby girl is getting bigger and older and there is nothing we can do about it, but enjoy it! She's getting slightly more interactive and spending longer periods of time awake. We're still waiting on her first "real" social smile, but we can tell it's coming. I just love the newborn stage (hence my career choice!), but watching her grow is fun too. Ben is certainly excited for her to be more interactive and play, especially since right now she is pretty much attached to me most of the time.

Growth wise, she seems to be doing great! I'm guessing she's over 10lbs now. Sadly, her newborn size clothes were worn for the last time last week...she's just too long for them! This week, she finally can wear her 0-3month clothing without looking like she's going to drown (though some of them already seem a bit short...I can tell this is going to be a problem in the future!). I'm proud to say that she has only breast milk (weather from a bottle or me) to contribute her growth to, but it still makes me feel like I cheated Miles because I had to supplement with formula. Damn post partum hormones and emotions!

Anyhow, on to the fun!

Here is my dear, sweet Isla just moments (well maybe an hour?) after birth. Considering how much pain I was in, I don't look too horrible...

Here she was on her one month "birthday".

And here at 1 month 1 day:

For my baby shower, I got these cute stickers that you put on onsies, one for every month. I need to get around to doing that and taking a know, before month 2 rolls around!

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  1. She's quite the little fashionista and looking so much more grown up already.

    And don't worry about Mr. Miles getting cheated of putting Isla back safe inside - post partum hormones, even lactating hormones, do not make for the best decision making regarding these things. Miles was never cheated. And life is harder out in the world, but both your kids were ready and think of all they'd be missing! They're beautiful kiddos.

    Happy Thanksgiving.