Friday, November 26, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! A day late...but that's ok. Happy Black Friday to those of you braving the shopping world :) I may venture out myself to the craft store in a little while...we'll see!

Miles enjoyed his Thanksgiving, as we all did. We headed out in the snow to go up to Grandma Sara and Grandpa Tom's house. Uncle Danny is in town from college, which Miles was thrilled about! His girlfriend, Regin, also joined us for our Thanksgiving Day celebration. My parents also joined us for dinner and festivities. Miles was beyond thrilled to have all his grandparents under one roof and Uncle Danny and Regin around to play with! He ran and played all day with only one meltdown!

The day before Thanksgiving, Miles and I had a little prep work to do. You see, Miles wanted to make Thanksgiving cards for everyone. So, I busted out some serious crafting skills and we created...

Hand Turkeys!

Miles enjoyed coloring them, and most of all gluing them! He also enjoyed handing them out on Thanksgiving Day! One for each set of grandparents, Uncle Danny, and Regin. Plus one for Daddy (which isn't pictured).
I was also able to get a couple good shots of both kiddos early in the afternoon. Miles loves holding his baby sister.

And how he really feels about her... :)


  1. That last picture is adorable! He is obviously in love and she already looks kind of annoyed with him. :)

  2. Do I recognize that outfit miss Isla is wearing?

  3. Um, the leggings were/are Moira's, the jumper was a gift from Tim and Heidi. My favorite of Moira's is the pink polka-dot overalls and shirt :)