Thursday, October 20, 2011

Greenbluff Revisited

This past Monday, Maggie wanted to bring Nathan up to Greenbluff.  I wanted to get a few more pumpkins for some projects, some cider, as well as a few pictures of Isla out of the Ergo :), so we agreed to join them.  The boys always have (well, maybe not always...) fun together.  Sometimes they have trouble sharing, especially late in the afternoon, but, ya know, what can you expect from two strong willed four year old boys!

This trip, we went to Walters, which we did not visit as a family.  We headed to their store to find out the best pumpkin patches to hit and the boys got side tracked by the "train".  We had to take it for a ride!
Mostly because the boys wouldn't get off :).  We rode the "train" around the farm a bit then got off in the orchards and walked back to the main part of the farm.

The main part had this wonderful "sand box" full of dried peas.  It was great fun.  There was a toy structure with a wheel, so Miles called that the pirate ship and they sailed to the pea pit to "dig for treasure".  Yes, his imagination is on overdrive all.the.time!

There was also a little animal area with goats, chickens, roosters, sheep, etc.  Isla enjoyed watching them.  Then we headed over to this huge tire swing where the boys had fun.

Isla watched from the Ergo.  I was afraid to let her in the pea pit as it seemed like a major chocking hazard for someone her age, seeing as how she puts everything in her mouth!

Eventually, we wondered to the pumpkin patches and picked some more pumpkins.  Miles and Nathan ran around and played games while Maggie and I searched.

We found this cute little barn/stand past the pumpkin patches and decided it would be the perfect backdrop for some pictures...perhaps for Christmas cards :).

Isla was pretty cooperative.  The sun was pretty much directly in their eyes from this vantage point, so it made it a little tricky.  I thought I got a few cute ones.  Plus, I'm loving the colors!

We tried to get some of the boys together, but they're just too goofy and wouldn't both look the same direction at the same time...imagine that!

I had tried, unsuccessfully, to get a pic of Miles and Isla by the corn husks/hay/barn thing, but that didn't go so well.  So, I stuck them both in the cart and gave them each a pumpkin.  I think the results were pretty good.

I think I may do some more editing of these photos and play around with a few things.  I'll post the newly edited ones if I ever get around to working on them some more :).

And another unsuccessful one of the boys:

After picking pumpkins, we walked back up to the store to pay for them, pick up cider and some other treats.  There were three wooden rocking animals out front, which the boys enjoyed.  There is a rocking cow behind those trees.

It was a beautiful day!  We enjoyed heading up there.  The new pics I got of the kids were well worth the drive.  So was hanging out with Maggie and Nathan for the afternoon!  After the bluff, we went over to Nathan's to play for an hour or so.  The boys always have fun together, though next time we'll be hanging out earlier in the day!

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