Sunday, October 2, 2011

Batman Birthday!

My baby boy turned 4 a few short weeks  ago!!!  That sounds crazy old and is officially out of toddlerhood...he is now a little boy.  No baby left.  ::tear::

And for another tear, or two, I have no pictures of it.  Five days after his birthday and party, the back window of my new car was bashed in (while at work...) and a suitcase with a bunch of things in it as well as a Fossil bag I had been using as a diaper bag, were stolen.  The Fossil bag had my camera in it with all Miles' party pictures, a few videos, and pictures of our trip to the fair and family party the next day.  Ugh!  I now vow to upload pictures more  frequently, just in case...

Luckily, I had left some of the decor up.  You'll have to imagine the details.  Miles requested a Batman Party this year, much to my dismay.  I thought I had a few years before superhero parties :).  I went with yellow and black bat theme.  Since it is near Halloween, I was able to find some bat decorations for his party.

Here was  the general set-up:

And a closer pic of the chalk board.  The yellow ball is a Pinata I made.  I used a balloon, flour, water, and an old phone book for the body.  Mod podged the yellow tissue paper and the black bat onto the body.  Miles loved the pinata!  It was a bit hit (pun intended). 

On the cabinet, I also had a tray that held the pinata full  of candy and the favors.  For the favors, I  made simple black capes with yellow ribbon and a tag that had been decorated with a bat stamp and said "thank you".  I also had yellow favor bags for the candy.

I started the party out with the boys (Miles and friends Nathan, Leyton, and Preston), making a craft.  I had cut bats out of black felt and also had black cardstock.  The boys decorated the bats and paper with googly eyes, puff balls, glitter glue, batman stickers, and paint.  They all seemed to have a blast and came up with some very creative  bats :).

Then we had a little bean bag toss that didn't amount to much.  They each got a batman washcloth in a square (you know, the kind you put in water and they stretch out...) as a "prize".  Then we did the pinata, which the boys needed a little help with. 

Then we did cake and presents, but don't remember the order!  The cake was chocolate iced in yellow frosting and topped with a batman symbol cut out of edible "paper".  The edible paper worked really well!  I also had "drawn" the outline of a skyline on the front edge and the tray said "Happy 4th Birthday Batman Miles"!  It was perfect.  Miles loved it.  So sad I don't have pictures.

He had a good time opening presents.  He got a Spiderman umbrella, a Hot Wheels play mat/storage box and a couple  Hot Wheels cars, some  play dough and Chutes and Ladders!

It was a perfect little party.  I would count it a success!  Can't wait to throw another little party next year...though maybe something other than superheros :).

The next day, we headed to the  fair with the Grandparents, sans Grandpa Tom, who didn't want to hobble around the fair with his purple cast and crutches!  Don't blame him.  Miles rode the train  with Grandma Sara, talked to real firemen (he was wearing his fireman costume) and sat in every seat in their truck.  We then headed to the animal barns and saw all the animals and had a pony ride.  I had some great pictures of the pony ride.  I think Grandma Sara may have some pictures of the fair, so I'll have to try to get those. 

After the fair, we had pizza, cake, and more presents at Grandma Sara  and Grandpa Tom's house.  Miles had a great time opening even more presents.  He got a Leapster Explorer with  a Batman game from Grandparents M, Leapfrog Tag reader  and books from Grandparents O, and a cool Fischer Price Imaginext Batmobile, Batman characters, Riddler car, etc from  Uncles Danny and Tyler.   I feel like I'm forgetting something, sorry if I  left something out!

He opened his presents from us at a later time, so these were taken with my new camera.  Ben and I got him a Bat Belt, play dough, new art supplies and art caddy, Batman PJs, and these:

Fischer Price Trio blocks, which I had never heard of before.  They are for ages  4+ and they had a whole Batman collection!  We got him all the parts (well, besides the huge $100+ set).  Miles and Ben have had a ton of fun building and playing with these.

So, my little boy is now 4.  He asks me every few days if he's still 4 :) and is looking forward to his next birthday!

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