Monday, October 24, 2011

Party Day Food

All of the food for Isla's birthday had to match the Pumpkin theme.  It had to be orange, pumpkin, pumpkin shaped, or at least "fall" related.  I started by picking out some "appetizer" type foods. 

They included pretzel rods dipped in orange candy melts and sprinkled with green sprinkles.  Yum!

There were some clementines turned Jack-o-Lanterns! 

Lastly for the appetizers, I saw these on Pinterest somewhere, were these "pumpkin" rolls.  They consisted of sun dried tomato wraps, cream cheese, and a basil leaf, held together with green toothpicks.  See?  It looks like a pumpkin!  They were actually a big hit. 

I also had some apple cider (fresh from Greenbluff) on the stove with cinnamon sticks.  On the side were  caramel and whip cream to make Caramel Apple Ciders :). 

Before we sat down for lunch, Miles wanted to show the 'Nother Grandparents around the cabin and down by the lake.  While we were gone, Isla had about 2oz of milk and we came back to this: 
One tuckered birthday girl!  She slept for  about 30min before joining in on lunch and dessert.

Lunch was a hearty stew and pumpkin shaped buttermilk biscuits.  I had thought about doing a pumpkin based soup/stew, but decided against it.  I thought that might be just too much pumpkin!
Everyone enjoyed the meal!  It was a success.  After lunch (which Isla also ate after she woke up...she really liked the beef!) we enjoyed some cake, then presents.  More to come!

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