Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Christmas Eve Eve

So, finally getting to Christmas!  Only a few weeks late.  Somehow, I didn't take all that many pictures, and there are NONE of me, and none of the whole family together.  I'll do better next year...

Christmas for us started on the eve of Christmas Eve.  We had a fun filled weekend full of Christmas.  Before the kids went to bed, they each opened one present from us, an ornament.  My parents started this tradition with us, and we're carrying it on.  Makes for an eclectic and festive tree full of stories and ornaments to pass on.
Isla didn't totally understand and was kind of bored with the whole thing.  Batman, on the other hand, was very excited!

In this picture, Isla is looking at her ornament, which Ben is holding.  I wish I had gotten the ornament in the picture, but I thought Isla just looked too sweet not to post it :).

This is Isla's ornament.  It is a sweet bird.  I think it is perfect for our sweet girl.

And for Batman...there were really no other options for him this year :).

Then it was time for the kids to head to bed and for Santa to come!  I always said I wouldn't go over board on the whole Santa idea, as that's not really what Christmas is about, but I found myself so caught up in his excitement...I digress.
That is stuffing from Santa's coat in the fireplace...and Santa's footprints (made with flour and a pair of Ben's Timberland boots.  They went from the fireplace, to the cookies, to the tree, to the fireplace.

We left the snowman and gingerbread shaped chocolate chip cookies for Santa, as well as a cup of milk.  Santa left crumbs and a note.

And the tree...

I had fun making the house over to appear as though Santa had really visited :).  Though, I had a hard time keeping Ben from stepping on the footprints!

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