Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Christmas Eve Morning

We did Christmas at our house on Christmas Eve morning.  Miles was beyond excited!  I apologize for the poor lighting (our livingroom has none) and the odd white balance.  My camera was doing odd things...I think someone has been playing with it...

Isla still loves her blanky.  I love that she has something she loves.  She loves her baby too, which is in her arms, you just can't really see it.

She got a cell phone in her stocking.  She likes it, but still likes mine more :).

Miles ended up with a few too many stocking stuffers, and Isla not very many at all.  It is so hard to shop for them when they're that young!  Miles got some Batman socks, a batman apron, and several other things.

His biggest present from Santa, a bike with Spiderman helmet, horn, and water bottle.  He likes it!

He also got some Batman pjs, several action figures, and a book.

Isla's main gift was the FP Little People's play house.  She enjoys it, especially the baby and all the sounds it makes :).

Miles' other main gift was the FP Imaginext Batcave, or the "ugly" Batcave.  I had told him Santa couldn't get it for him because I thought it was ugly.   When he opened it, he said, "Look!  Santa got me the ugly Batcave!".  Haha!  He loved it and played with it for hours and has for hours since.  We felt that he needed something else to go with the bike since he can't really use the bike for many months.

Ben got some books, a hat, and a lanyard.

He got me some new workout clothes from Old Navy.  Two hoodies and two pairs of pants (one hoodie and one pair of pants are fleece).  I got to try them out for a nice 4.5mile snowy, rainy run after things settled down, before we headed out for the rest of our Christmas adventures.

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