Monday, July 9, 2012

A Birthday and an Anniversary

My 28th birthday was two days after Father's Day this year.  It was a pretty laid back day.  I slept in before going to China Dragon for lunch to celebrate.  On our way home, we ran a few errands, then stopped at a firehouse.  Miles begged us to :).  Like I said in previous posts, he's been a fireman lately since he's regained access to the hose.  It was fun, as always. Firefighter Scott gave us the grand tour.  It was obvious it was one of his first child tours :).

Even Isla enjoyed it!

Five days later was our 6th wedding anniversary.  We didn't do much on the day, as it was a Sunday and I worked the night before.  The next day, we had planned to go to Silverwood, but isolated thunder storms were forcasted, so we skipped.  Instead, Grandma Sara took the kids for the day/night, and we headed to Red Lobster for lunch.  We walked around the mall for a while, then headed home.  After eating a light dinner, we went to a park I see every morning on my drive home from work and have always wanted to check out.  We got there just after 7, so we missed seeing the garden.  We'll have to go back another time to check it out.  It looked beautiful from the gate! 

Instead, we walked up these stairs.

And enjoyed the view...

There is also a little community center there in a really old house.

These are the gardens that we missed.

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