Sunday, October 28, 2012

Fireman Birthday #2 and the County Fair

This post will be mostly pictures :).
Auntie Annie was able to come for Miles' birthday party (not sure if I mentioned that).  He LOVES his Auntie Annie!

He loved his truck cake, but didn't want anyone to eat any of it!

Auntie Annie knit him this amazing "bomb bird" hat, which both he and Isla loved.

He got so excited for every.single.present.

See?  Isla loved the hat, too.  He got boots to match his fireman rain coat.
He got a new fire truck for his train set.

And a firetruck Lego set from Aunt Christine and Uncle Cam.  He LOVED it.  I didn't expect his reaction, so I wasn't ready for it, but he was jumping up and down and squealing :).

And a Lego garbage truck :).

He made everyone put on their party favors.

Clearly, Grandpa Tom was thrilled...

Then came the pinata...

And with a bit of help. 

We also played "Pin the Badge on the Fireman"

Auntie Annie got his nose :).
Then we hit the fair.  It was a bit hot this year!  These are a bit out of order.
As always, Miles loved the firetruck.  The let him hold the hose, and he was thrilled!

This was actually our first stop.  It's tradition :).

And then all the animals.

At one point, Miles wandered off.  Grandpa Tom had followed him and they went into the next barn over.  It was full of cows.  Someone was walking one back to it's place, and it got off the rope somehow and was loose in the barn.  It ran around a bit before they caught it.  Then it got off again.  Everyone had to not move (meaning had to stay in the barn) until they caught the cow as to not add to the excitement and make it harder to catch the cow.  Anyhow, Miles was traumatized.  Sounds like he'll share my fear of Big Horned Animals...poor kid.  All this was during a search for the pony rides.  After the Great Cow Chase, Miles didn't really want to look at any more animals, since he was afraid of them getting loose.

We finally found the pony rides (they moved from years past), and paid, then he told us he didn't want to ride.  I said, tough, since we already paid and he didn't tell us this until he was sitting on the pony.  He sat like this with his legs straight out the entire time.  About half way through, he relaxed a bit and started to enjoy it.  After he got off, the truth came out.  He was afraid the pony was going to get off the rope and run away with him on it.  See...traumatized. 
It was a pretty short trip to the fair because we didn't spend much time looking at animals because of the cow issue.  Oh, well.  We had fun anyway.  It will be interesting to see his reaction to the fair next year :).

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