Sunday, October 28, 2012

Glamorous Kitchen

For a while now, I've had my eye on play kitchens made out of old nightstands, tv stands, cabinets, etc.  After pinning several on Pinterest and pining over them, I decided to make one for Isla's birthday.  I kept my eye out on craigslist and Goodwill for a while to find the perfect nightstand.  About a month ago, I found this gem at Goodwill for $15.
It was perfect!
A few weeks later, I brought it up to my parents house while Ben was at work.  My Dad and I got to work in the garage.  We removed the drawers and the middle shelf between the bottom two.  After some measuring, we hit up Home Depot for a few things...and what I thought was going to be a fairly cheap project turned into a bit of a spendy one :).

We got a board (2'x4') for the back "wall" and also cut it to make the oven door.  We got trim wood for the oven door.  We got hardware for the oven door (hinges and a handle), faucet, tile, brackets for the shelf, and some hooks.  I also grabbed two sample sizes of pink paint and a little roller.  I think the color is 'glamorous'.  All these things totaled about $70, and I still needed fabric and a tension rod! 
That night, we made and installed the door, cut the back wall and shelf and got them completely ready for assembly (I just had to screw it together with pre-drilled holes), and cut the holes for the sink and faucet.
Then I brought it home and took it to the basement.  After a few hours of sanding, painting, assembling, sewing, tiling, 'grouting', and some finishing touches later...
And we had a glamorous kitchen!

I also put a chalk board on the side.  It is a $1 cookie sheet painted with chalk board paint.

I left the top drawer shelf open and made a curtain to hang in the space.  The kids can use it for storage or cooking.

I also made her a matching apron.  I love how it turned out.  She didn't take it off until her bath!
*sorry for the bad pictures.  The really fuzzy ones were taken on my phone
Kitchen price breakdown:
Nightstand:  $15
Wood:  $10
Trim:  $6
Handle:  $5
Hinges:  $5
Hooks:  $3
Cookie sheet:  $1
Pink paint:  $6
Black paint:  $3
Roller:  $2
Brackets:  $4
Tile:  $6
Bowl:  $1
Faucet:  $30
Liquid Nails:  $5
Fabric:  $5
Tension rod:  $3
Knobs:  $3
Total: $108
For some reason, I thought it would be about half that :).  I could have saved by buying a cheaper faucet, but they all had the fake crystal handles, but that would have saved $15.  I also only needed one 12x12 tile, and I bought two...they were $3 a piece.  I used the liquid nails to glue on the tile, "grout" the tile, and glue in the bowl for the sink.

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