Sunday, October 28, 2012

Party Time

To start the party off, Isla wanted to open gifts. Usually this is done last, but that's hard to explain to a two year old who is staring at the gifts :).  She got a lot of really nice things.
Grandma and Grandpa McLane got her some Winnie-the-Pooh DVDs and books.  She is a book lover and wanted to read them all tonight!
Grandma Mo and Grandpa Jeff got her a cute doll stroller that is a travel system.  I would have died to have one as a child!  I'm jealous of her :).

Miles, of course, "helped" open the gifts.  He got away with it this year, but I have a feeling next year will be a different story.

Grandma Mo and Grandpa Jeff also got her some books and a puzzle.  The puzzle makes animal noises, or will, after I put batteries in it.

She also got a bunch of "accessories" for her main gift.  Pots and pans, play food, and dishes.

Her main gift (from Ben and me with the help of my dad):

A play kitchen!  Also Pinterest inspired :).  It is made out of an old nightstand.  I'll probably do a separate post about it.  Both the kids love it so far.

Grandma Mo was there, but not in a pic for some reason.
After presents and lunch, we had "cake".  Isla was a bit skeptical about the singing and the candles.

After Miles blew them out and I relit them, Isla actually blew both out, one at a time, on her own :).

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