Monday, August 24, 2009

Big Red...

We went up to the lake cabin again, and this time Grandma Sara had something special planned for Miles. She got out her big red, noisy tractor (Miles has a Spot book called The Noisy Tractor, I believe). He had sat on the tractor before, but I'm not sure he's ever ridden on it. Grandma inherited the tractor from her parents. I believe it was around most, if not all, of her childhood. She even has a picture of herself at about Miles' age with the tractor. I think it has been spiffed up a bit in recent years.
After Grandma turned it on, Miles was a little skeptical. It was a little noisy for him! But, with Grandma holding on tight and a quick driving lesson, he gradually eased into the idea of taking it for a spin.

So, take it for a spin, they did!

Miles was an expert helper when it came to steering the non-power-steering tractor.
They went round and round the couldesac several times.

And Miles had a blast...

Driving the Big Red Tractor.

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