Monday, August 10, 2009

Nap time or Play time?

That is truly the question. Miles' crib remains in his room for one reason (well, originally two, but changed my mind). This reason is, he will not stay in his big boy bed for napping. He just gets out and plays. Why he'll stay in it at nighttime and sleep, but not nap time, is beyond me. So, the crib remains. I'd like to take it out sooner than later so he has more room to play during play time.

Recently, after waking up from a nap in his crib, he got into the diaper caddy on top of his "changing tower" (next to his dresser/changing table). He can now reach this from the crib because of how the room is arranged with his new bed. The one thing he chose to play with from his caddy????

Can you guess???
Here's a closer look:

Figure it out yet?

Baking Soda! I use it to pour into his diaper pail to make it less stinky... Now it is all over his crib and makes for salty tasting kisses!

Did you notice something else in the pictures??? Macaroni and Cheese...on the walls!

Please excuse the mess...he's a toddler after all.

It's a little brighter/darker than I'd planned, but oh, well. Can't wait for new bedding. Also, can you see what he did to his blinds? He broke five slats looking out the window. I need to fix that soon. He can climb from his bed to the dresser/changing table...

I haven't put stuff up on the walls yet because I haven't quite decided what to put up (using those scrapbooking supplies I talked about in this post). Not sure if I want to do the whole alphabet some how, just parts, etc. I also need to change the knobs on his dresser and plan to get a foam floor puzzle mat like this to cover some of the flooring. I also need to put his valance (or at least the rod) back up.

On another semi-unrelated note, I'm currently making a baby present for my sister (who is ready to deliver any day/moment now). She is having a girl, and I'm so excited (literally to tears) and had to do something girly, since I'm pretty sure I'll never have a girl of my own, ya know, which I'm totally fine with. My project has been eating up a lot of my free time. I'm catching up on blogging just now, mostly for her (though she's probably sleeping right now...I hope), so she has some entertainment while she's playing the waiting game with her little, I mean big, peanut in her belly. I know she's been wanting to see pictures of Miles' room, so here they are Sis! I'll post pics of my project/baby gift after I know she's received it...but it isn't finished yet!

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