Monday, August 3, 2009

New paint!

So, I have finally finished painting for the year!!!!! I think I'll paint the cabinets in the kitchen next spring/summer sometime. Anywho, every room upstairs has been painted since we moved in. I don't currently have pictures of Miles' new wall color, but I kept the argyle (on request from Ben) and the color is kind of the color of Macaroni and Cheese. It is a little darker than I imagined, but very bright and fun for a little boy's room. I'll post pics maybe tomorrow.

Here is our new room! I still need to add artwork, the headboard, and some curtains. I may also change out the light fixture for a chandelier. We got new lamps today from Lowes ($20 a piece! and exactly what I wanted). I only had to do one coat of paint on the walls (four on the trim, baseboards, and closet doors).

What do you think? I love the new color!

Here is what it looked like before (with renter's stuff):

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  1. Carrie - it looks great. Mom and Dad saw it and like it too. Can't wait to see Miles' room.