Monday, July 26, 2010


Saturday night, we all got together and had a very noisy dinner at a local Mexican restaurant. It was good food and good fun (minus the fact that everyone else had a margarita!).

This is my sweet niece, Ethne, who is 19months. She is quiet and very much an observer. And look at her big blue eyes...

...and amazing curls!

Besides that Moira wanted nothing to do with sitting at the dinner table, the children were remarkably well behaved. Peter and Miles sat and waited with minimal disturbances. Peter had his beloved Buzz with him, whom he nicely shared with Miles. Other than a few episodes of bashing Buzz into the table, Miles and Peter shared well.
Here Peter is saying "to infinity and beyond!".
Miles has yet to watch Toy Story in it's entirety, but enjoys Buzz and Woody. It was a good dinner, that was followed by a fun photo shoot...up next!

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