Monday, July 26, 2010

The Pool

The second day started out with swim in the pool. Miles had a great time with his floaty toy, jumping off the side, being thrown in the air by Daddy, and playing with his cousins.

These first few pictures are of my sweet niece, Moira. She will be a year old in just a few weeks! She is a doll, but doesn't care for the "cool" water of the pool. She is more of a jacuzzi gal! We visited the jacuzzi after the pool.

Here is Miles enjoying being "thrown" by Daddy in the pool.

Here, he is riding on Daddy's back to the side. I think they were headed for a ladder. You can see Auntie Annie and Grandma in the background. Anne is hanging on Miles' turtle floaty that was given to him by Grandma Sara.

I did swim for a while, and then enjoyed one of the lounge chairs and took pictures.
Oh, and Miles insists on wearing all his swim attire (minus the shoes in the pool) at all times. I'm afraid of sunscreen (had several allergic reactions...not pretty ones...when I was a kid), and I'm afraid of turning him into a lobster! So, he wears his swim shirt and swim trunks, water sandals in the lake only, his vest for security, and his hat to keep the sun out of his eyes. He almost always insists on wearing a hat when we go keep the rain off his head, sun out of his eyes, stay warmer in the winter, etc. He is a hat kid! Just don't think I torture him to dress him like this for the water. I think he'd throw a fit if I didn't let him wear any article of his swim clothes!

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