Monday, July 12, 2010

Big Red Tractor!

This past Fourth of July, we went up to the cabin again. It was a great time...though a little on the chilly and stormy side!

Grandma Sara used this weekend to take the tractor out for a spin. After a jump start (or several) and then filling up the gas tank, Grandma Sara was ready to ride. Miles, on the other hand, was a little skeptical at first. He did not want her to turn the tractor on and did not want to ride it. However, he quickly changed his mind once she started moving. She got the tractor up to the cul-de-sac and Miles went chasing after her! You may remember this post about the tractor from last year.

They rode, and rode, and rode, and quickly became the center of attention on the block! Miles even shared his tractor-driving Grandma Sara with another little boy who has a love for tractors.

Miles had a great time on the tractor!

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