Wednesday, July 14, 2010

So far behind!!! Pregnancy: 25weeks (edited to add a side-by-side)

Here's a little catch-up in pictures (apparently I posted last at 21 weeks???):





How Far Along: 25 weeks (and 2 day now!)

Weight Gain: +20lbs Thankfully the weight gain has slowed down compared to my last post! 1lb a week is ok with me. I'm right on track with where I was when I was pregnant with Miles. I'm hoping this time I don't gain a ton in the end (water weight) making the total 50lbs!

Maternity Clothes: This is such a boring question. Yep, I'm in maternity clothes. Have you seen my belly? And I'm carrying super low compared to last time (she is right on my bladder...yay me!) so regular pants and most regular shirts are a no go (shirts are too short). I did purchase a maternity swim suit though. My sister sent one with a bunch of other maternity clothes (thanks!!!), but we'll be spending a lot of time swimming at the lake, pool, etc, so I thought I'd go ahead and get a second option. I think I may even be able to wear it next year as well (it's a tankini).

Sleep: Nothing new here, either. I've been sleeping ok, but rolling over is getting hard. Still wake up several times to use the bathroom. I'm also finding it increasingly difficult to go 24hours without sleep. I usually do this once a week on my first night back to work, but I've found that I really need a nap the afternoon prior!

Symptoms: The heartburn is hanging around to say, I think. It is notably worse from about 3-7 in the morning while at work. I've been eating Tums like it's candy. It does work, though!

Cravings: I've been craving the tastes of summer, though I think that is the same for every summer. Grilled food, corn, watermelon, fruit, iced coffees, etc.

Gender: It's still a girl! (as far as I know) :)

Baby: According to, my baby is about a pound and a half now and about 13.5 inches from head to toe. Her hair now has color and texture. Her eyes are no longer fused shut. I've hit the point in pregnancy where I start seeing babies on the outside at work who are the same gestational age as my baby. It is just too weird!

Movement: Isla is getting very active. She is still most active at night. Last night we got to watch her dancing around and Ben felt a lot of strong kicks!

Things I'm Looking Forward to in the coming week: Oh, nothing much. We're headed up to the lake for another weekend at the cabin. It should be nice and sunny this time around!

Minor updates: I took my GTT (glucose tolerance test) this past Monday. I failed it with Miles and had to take the 3hr test, which was awful! Needless to say, I was a little nervous this time. Well, I got my results today, and though my iron is on the low end of normal, my blood sugar was perfect. With Miles, after 1hr, it was 155. This time, it was 88!!! Not even borderline! I am so happy :) Maybe it was because I was pretty carb dependent with Miles???

Also, the nesting has kicked in. Even though I'm still battling general fatigue. This past Monday, after my doc appt, I had a random burst of, not energy per se, but a need to have a clean house. Ben and Miles helped some and we picked up toys, did 6 loads of laundry (washed, dried, and put away!), vacuumed, swept, did dishes, cleared the counters, wiped every hard surface in our main level with Clorox wipes, cleaned the bathroom, dusted, and put away random things we had laying around (parts to a guinea pig cage, blinds on the floor, etc). feels so good!

Then on Tuesday, I steam cleaned the carpets upstairs. They look a lot better now! Then I got the infant car seat out of the basement (notice it in my 25week pic), wiped it clean, and put it back together (the cover was off for washing). Miles thinks it is a great toy.

After that, I went through all Miles clothes from 0-6months and counted how many I have of each type of clothing (onsies, rompers, pants, etc) and wrote it all out. I also pulled out any clothes I can use for Ilsa (white undershirt onsies, a few sleepers and hats, socks etc). Last I made a list of clothing items I need to get her wardrobe started and what I already have. Hopefully next month will involve a shopping spree!

I cleaned the kitchen again this morning and then reorganized our cabinets. I moved the dishes to a new cabinet, went through all the bottles, sippy cups, etc and put them in a new place, and dug out our 4oz bottles and slow flow nipples. Everything found a new home. Needless to say, Ben was pretty confused when he went to get a glass of water and a bowl of cereal this morning! I'm hoping this trend keeps up a little (maybe with half the vigor) and we can keep our house can hope, right? Though that is always difficult with a 2 year old :)

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  1. Holy Moses Carrie!!! Nesting? Just a little. I like the pink/peach shirt on you. Isla looks like she's growing great.

    Look forward to seeing you next week!