Monday, July 26, 2010

Mini Family Reunion

This past weekend, Ben, Miles, and I went to Lake Chelan for the weekend. My parents got hotel rooms for my siblings and us so we could all be together in one city for a few days. It was a blast (and pretty hot)!

It was a relaxing time, and I enjoyed seeing my siblings and parents. The only time we were all together was for dinner on Saturday night and for a brief photo shoot following. We all enjoyed time at the lake, by the pool, watching the cousins play. Miles and Peter are best buds already! Miles keeps asking to go "back to the big lake and play with cousin Peter". Most notably, he would like to jump on the bed with him again!

The car ride over was fairly uneventful. There was a lot of traffic for a while, which I wasn't fond of, but we made it safe and sound.

After arriving and checking into our room, we wandered to the lake for some sand castle building, swimming, and then headed to get some dinner at the burger hut. I didn't take pictures of the swimming that afternoon for some reason.

After dinner (and some mud puddle splashing by Miles), we spent some time in my parents' room (the smallest of the five rooms!) with Aunt Christine, Uncle Cameron, Cousins Peter and Moira, and Auntie Annie.

Peter and Miles then enjoyed a rousing time of jumping on the bed. Moira tried to join in as well. Peter, apparently, is a wrestler and kept pulling Miles down and wrestling with him. Miles didn't enjoy this part much. Miles is not a wrestler! They had fun nonetheless and Miles is still talking about jumping on the bed with cousin Peter!

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  1. Sorry about the wrastling. Glad it didn't scar Miles!