Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Veggie Pickin'

I've been wanting to take advantage of the local produce here for ages.  It has always scared me just a little, but only because new things make me nervous.  Not the produce itself.  We go up to Greenbluff to pick pumpkins and apples in October, but I've never been for anything else. They have strawberries and cherries earlier in the summer and peaches should be ripe soon (late start to summer makes late peaches).  I texted my friend Maggie to see if her and Nathan would be up for some veggie pickin' on the 'bluff and they were down.  She admited later that she wasn't really thrilled with the idea, but was willing to give it a go.  She was pleasantly surprised that she had fun and plans to go up again soon for more produce!  Haha!  Lucky her, they live really close. 

Miles was excited to go after seeing the carrots my parents had picked a few days ago.

This is a zucchini patch, and some summer squash.

Love the yellow zucchini flowers! 

The boys had a great time picking the squashes.  Miles thought it was pretty fun :).

Eventually the bucket got heavy and we rounded up a wagon to carry our produce.  Miles loved carrying the bucket, though. 

Isla quietly hung out in the stroller and enjoyed some sunshine. She was unusually agreeable to just sit there for the hour+ we picked.  Turned out she had a fever...from the teeth?  Poor baby.  She was happy, just not as spunky.  Normally she would have been begging to get out and play in the dirt :). 

And the highlight for Miles, the carrots! 
And they smelled AMAZING.  I'm not sure I've ever noticed the smell of carrots before, just how they smell from the taste.  But these, you could smell them just holding them in your hand.  They're pretty tasty too.

I didn't bring any tomatoes home, but Maggie fixed us lunch at her house after our adventure and used one of the tomatoes and they were quite good.  Wishing I'd brought some home. We may have to go back up next week for more!  Peaches might be ready then, too, which would be fun to pick.

And, the loot.  CHEAP!!!  I couldn't believe how inexpensive  it was.  I had $15 cash and was worried it wouldn't be enough.  Boy was I shocked.  Guess how much all this came to (this is ours and Maggie's)??? 
It is a ton of carrots, green beans, tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, summer squash, onions, lettuce, and some blueberries...

The total for me was $5.37 and Maggie's total was $6.03!  $11.40 for that wagon full of fresh produce.  Such a bargain!

After the picking, Miles and Nathan wanted to check out the chickens.  They had many different kinds.  The boys were amused. 

And if you're wondering about the cape, much to my dismay, Miles is Batman all.the.time.  I miss the days of him being a fireman!

Here is what we brought home.  Can't wait to eat it all! 

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  1. I've never been up there to pick veggies! Or to pick anything other than Christmas trees or pumpkins. I think we might have to check it out, it all looks delish! And I love how cheap it was!!

    PS I also love that Miles is wearing a Batman cape! He takes this Superhero thing very seriously, as all good Superheroes do!