Sunday, July 26, 2009

Big Changes for a Big Boy

So, Miles has had some big changes recently. Here is a preview:

Can you see something odd in this picture?


Well, if you happen to know his room pretty well, you'd notice that the rocking chair is in the wrong corner, the bookshelf is moved, the rug is missing, and there is something dark and brown to the left of the picture.


Here's a better look....

He has a new piece of furniture!

It is an official Big Boy Bed!!!
That he happens to be sleeping in Right now!

He is pretty excited about this new addition to his room, though he didn't nap in it all that well today (yesterday by now!).

He went right to bed in it last night and is soundly sleeping.

You see, after I found him, two days in a row, trying to climb out and getting a knee stuck between the slats on his crib (which gave him horrible matching bruises on both sides of both knees), I figured it was time...time to be done with the crib. Yikes! That really means my baby is no longer a baby. I thought I had some more time and wasn't completely ready for the change myself, but it seems that Miles was ready.

So I followed his lead.

Friday night, I took the side off the crib. He fell out of bed around 11pm (and it took him quite a while to finally fall asleep in it in the first place). He didn't mind falling out, and it didn't even wake him right away. A little while after I heard the thud I heard him whining in his room. I walked in to find him still half asleep, trying to shove his blanket back in bed and then climbing back in himself. No other mishaps! I did, however, wake up to him staring me down this morning at 8am. Still not quite sure how he got out of his room...

So, Saturday, I went up to my parents (who have graciously given us a set of bunk-beds all my siblings and I used growing up) and retrieved a bed (with their help) and moved it into Miles room. Some rearranging was necessary, but it fits well. Miles digs it! I will eventually paint it white to match his other furniture and completely redecorate his room. In fact, Grandma M is making him some fun new twin sized bedding for his new room!

My favorite part is that I can climb into bed with him to snuggle in the middle of the night...which I'm going to go do right now (seeing as how it is 0215 as I type this). Goodnight!


  1. Wow! A big kid bed. So grown up!!! We've thought about doing the same for Peter, but his bed transitions to a toddler bed with rails, so I think we're just going to go for the second crib as it will all fit in the room better and Peter LOVES his bed. It's so cute to see Miles sleeping in our old bed though!

  2. Please excuse the typos and poor grammar. It was very late when I wrote this!