Sunday, July 12, 2009


Miles is talking. Quite a bit now. He was a bit of a late talker, but not by much. And boy, once he started talking, the words just keep flying out! I think by a year, babies are "supposed" to say one or two words besides "mama" and "dada"...well, he didn't even reliably say those. By 18months they're supposed to say six words besides "mama" and "dada". Still, he didn't even say those, but he did say "dog" and occasionally "ball".

At a Mommy and Me play date, around 18months, I saw a little girl using some sign language. I decided since he wasn't much of a talker yet, we'd start to sign. Boy they learn quick at 18months! In no time at all, Miles was signing please, more, milk, help, all done and eat. We have recently added thank you and I'm sorry to his signing.

Around 20months, Miles started spitting out words by the dozen, or so it seemed. He started naming animals in his books (though some of them still go by their sound, such as moo and wa-wa, otherwise known as quack-quack).

His newest words include names. My in-law's dog, for instance, Miles calls "Oggie-dog, Oooooogggggie!" The dog's name is Ozzie. He has coined his own universal term for Grandma and Grandpa (one word for all four), and that is Gup-ay (which also sounds a lot like cup with a "y" on the end, but I"m pretty sure he is trying to make a G sound). His newest word, added today (well, yesterday now) is Uncle, which Miles proudly pronounces unka.

Here is a list of the other animal sounds and words Miles loves to say on a daily basis:
Sheep (which has recently just become Baaaa)
Cockadoodledoo (or rooster)
Wa-wa (duck)
Deedle-Deedle Dee (Diego)
Seal (which he pronounces as dog)
Mama and Mommy (or usually a combo: Mommy-ma)
Dada and Daddy (also usually as a combo: Daddy-da)
Aaaaahhhhh (while looking up) (Elephant)
Pop-Pops (pasta)
Bock-Bock (chicken, both the animal and the food...though I'm uncertain if he knows that they are the same thing...kind of disturbing thought! How do you explain that to a child?)

And I'm sure many more that I just can't think of at 3am! He also says a lot of things that we don't yet understand. The cutest part of him talking is his inflection. He states everything as though it is a question or like it is the first time he's seen it in a loooong time (ie. Dada?!?!). I often find myself saying, "yes sweetie, that is (fill in the blank)".

Our baby boy is a baby no longer. He is definitely all little boy!

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