Saturday, July 25, 2009

Fourth of July

We had a great 4th of July this year, up at my in-law's lake cabin. It was my brother-in-law's first "real" fourth as it was the first time he was able to do fireworks himself. I worked the night before, so after work, I went to the gym then we headed up to the lake to meet Ben's family and Miles.

When we arrived I took a short nap and then joined in the festivities. I got a few pictures of Miles in his lifejacket, but none of him in the water. Later in the evening, he enjoyed throwing rocks in the water and watching them splash, saying "kerplunck" each time! Such a boy :)

After dinner and bedtime for Miles, we got the fireworks set up and ready for launch. Ben had a good time fishing that evening with his dad, before the fireworks. When darkness fell, Danny and his friend began the light show. I played around with different settings on my camera to try to get the best shots.

The cabin was very festive.

This photo is my "antiqued" version of the photo directly above it. I thought it was pretty cool that you could see the lake through the flag.
Miles helping Grandma M in the kitchen...or playing in the sink, one of the two!
Miles riding Ozzy, or as he lovingly refers to as "Oggie-Dog".

Sporting his life jacket after a dip in the lake. It was hot (not hte water...nice and cool). Miles got hit by a wake and went down...he wasn't too happy about it. There is a reason why they put a loop on the back of the neck on children's life jackets!
Ben and Tom fishing. It was dusk, so they had their light on.
On with the show!
The Loot and Uncle Danny:

Some fireworks!

The boys put on quite the show. Everyone on the dock appreciated it.

Ben and a Roman Candle.

The remains...

Didn't realize I look so wide in this photo...yikes!

Enjoying the evening. This is me after having been up for approximately 31hours...I was surprised I lasted that long!

This is where "Oggie-Dog" hid during the fireworks. Poor thing was scared to death...panting like crazy. He is in the shower if you can't tell!
It was a great Fourth this year!

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