Saturday, July 25, 2009

Random Play

Here is some random play and catch-up time! I've been behind. Since I haven't taken many photos since the fourth of July, now is a good time to catch-up.

Home improvements:

We (read I) have been working on some home improvements. Painting is the main home improvement at this time, though I did add some decor to the walls.

Our newly olive green kitchen.

And olive green dining room. Note new wall decor to the right. I have hit my head on the candle shelf several times since hanging this!

Full view. Family picture wall in the hallway. I returned the big clock as it was too big for the space and it didn't work.

Close up of the dining room wall decor. Please excuse all the clutter and mess in these photos!

Closer up pics of the family wall and hallway.

Next will be Miles' room and the master bedroom.

Here are some pictures of random days at the park.

He says "weeeee" every time he goes down a slide.

Playing with some photo editing...


Driving the "boat"

Digging in the sand...a favorite activity!

Driving again :)

Now onto Father's Day 2009. At The Lake Cabin

Grandpa O and Miles Reading

Three generations

Miles likes to play in/on the kayaks.

And to explore them.

Ben and Tom fishing. They are the blue spec towards the left of center on the shoreline.

Ben and Miles (not happy about posing!).

Now for a random more recent photo:

Miles driving a Barbi car. We were at Mommy and Me at a cafe with a sandbox (and a bunch of toys). It was great! Good food, a latte, and Miles was fully entertained the whole time, until another kid threw dirt on his head...But we moved on. Miles brought the car over to me and proceeded to climb in as best he could and said "vroom-vroom!. I snapped a pic and then promptly told him to get out of the car because he was far too big and would break it!

That is it for catching-up, whew! Next post is 4th of July, then some big changes in the house!

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