Monday, July 27, 2009

Actopus to Zelephant

Miles is getting a room makeover, when I have time! The walls will be painted a yellowy-Orangey color and some wall art will be made with scrap booking materials from the K&Company line called Actopus to Zelephant. It is my inspiration.

Sorry the pictures are small, but you get the idea. I love all the little animals and the colors. My mother-in-law is making some bedding in these colors inspired by the Kasey bedding from Pottery Barn Kids. I think she is also going to make a little crib bedding (skirt mainly) because we'll keep the crib and twin bed in there for a future baby #2. I wanted to keep (rather make)the room gender neutral in case, ya know, I ever have a girl, which I won't, but ya never know...
Miles also likes the inspiration. He frequently looks through the book of papers I have and makes all the animal noises that go along with the pictures...when he knows the noise and the kind of animal. I haven't even figured our a few of them...such as U, X, and N.
Sidenote: Funny story. We went to Petco today to get some food for our guinea pig. We like to let Miles look at the other animals, so we went to see the fish and the reptiles. We passed by the from aquarium to find the lone frog in there floating on his back in his pond... Woops!
I'm excited for his new room, but I'm redecorating our room first, after I finish painting the trim and closet doors, which I may finish tonight. I then hope to get the main wall color up next week (and maybe the wall color in Miles room...anyone want to babysit? We may have to hit up Grandma M!).


  1. It's a really cute theme! I love it. It's very cute materials and fun animals/alphabet. BTW - What's this about baby #2????