Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Birthday Boy!

On Friday, September 17, Miles turned 3! I cannot believe it has been three years since he was born. It ended up being a weekend long celebration as I worked on his birthday night. He opened one special gift on his birthday that his Daddy picked out for him. He LOVED it!

An electronic drum kit!

On Saturday, we didn't do much but look forward to his birthday party on Sunday. Sunday afternoon, we spent some time at the county fair with both sets of grandparents. Unfortunately, it started pouring rain after about an hour and we were all miserably soaked after not too long, so we took off to Grandma Sara and Grandpa Tom's house. Before the downpour began, we got to ride on a little train and take a tour of a real train. Miles was in Heaven!

Until he realized he couldn't drive the train...

But he eventually calmed down and enjoyed the ride!

Then we went on the real train tour, starting in the caboose and making our way forward.

Then we went to see some animals in the pouring rain. Even though we were indoors, you had to be careful where you stood because the roofs were leaking!

Miles enjoyed petting and feeding the baby goats. We trekked out to the horse barn on Miles' request only to get soaked and not find any horses (they were all at shows).
We saw sheep, cows, bunnies, bees, tractors, and many more things...all very quickly!
At Grandma and Grandpas, we had pizza, cake, and presents, and watched a little football.

Miles requested a repeat of the train cake from last year, though it didn't turn out quite as well this time around.
But he liked it anyhow and loved blowing out his candle.

Then began the presents. He especially liked the guitar card that played "Happy Birthday to You". He strummed along!

Then began opening gifts...he is spoiled! Most of what he got were craft supplies, trains, and clothes. All great choices!

He has recently had an obsession with Oscar the Grouch from the movie Follow that Bird (loves the Grouches Anthem) and Grandma Mo and Grandpa Jeff (or the 'nother grandparents) got him an Oscar puppet, whom Miles loves!

It was fairly low key, but with Isla on the way, I just didn't have the energy to plan a full party with all his little friends. Perhaps next year!
Oh, and he did have a Pinata, which he has been requesting since June. It was candyless, but he was pleased none the less!

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