Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Pregnancy: 33 weeks!

I don't have much time, so I thought I'd do a quick update on the pregnancy. This picture was taken today at 33wk 2d. 6.5 weeks to go!

I had my check-up on Monday and am measuring right on. I think I only gained a pound in the two weeks, so I'm up 31lbs total...not too bad for me. And, my rings still manage to fit most days!

Isla is now about 4-4.5lbs and gaining steadily. She is kicking and moving all over! My doctor thinks she may be head down now...I hope so! I really can't tell. My next appt is in two weeks, where my doc will do my GBS test (already!) and do a more thorough exam for Isla's position. She said if there is any question if she is head down or not, we'll have an ultrasound to confirm. At this point, I am declining a growth ultrasound, so won't have anymore unless it is to confirm her position! After this next appt, I'll be going every week until the end...

You can see in the posts below that we (I) are making progress on getting everyone set up for Isla's arrival. I also completely cleaned my husbands car so it is ready to bring her home. The nesting intinct has kicked in. It is too bad I don't have the energy or physical ability to bust it out (my hips and back get pretty darn sore!), but things are coming along!

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  1. They did a "growth" u/s on me for Moira. They had to check the placenta position anyway (marginal placenta previa earlier). I thought it was kind of annoying. I topped out measuring somewhere around 34 cm. Obviously she was big enough, I think I just squished my uterus into a wider pear by bending down to pick up Peter so much! I can't blame you for turning down the u/s. you'll see her soon enough!