Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Big Boy Room

Well, I've been working on Miles' Big Boy Room for, oh, over a year now! I painted it last summer and we put the twin bed in there. My mother-in-law was nice enough to make the wonderful quilt for his bed and I made the valance (and a shade that is pulled up during these pictures). There are still a few details left, but it is finally coming along. I hope to have it finished before Isla arrives!

The view when you walk in the door. I kept the argyle from his nursery. I still need to repaint he criss-crosses on the diamonds in colors that match his room (will probably do two red, two blue, and one green).

The blue carpet was there when we moved in. Someday we'll replace it!

This is to the left of the doorway when you walk in. His brand spanking new activity table (painted with chalkboard paint) was made by my dad and me over the past few weeks. It turned out really well, and we only made one error! I plan to have him use this for his trains, blocks, coloring/art, etc. Eventually we plan to get or make a chair for him to sit at the table. Next to the cork boards, I plan to put a couple hanging caddies of some kind for paper, stickers, crayons, etc.

I also plan to get a few colorful baskets for under the table for his blocks and trains, etc, when not in use.

Above his bed, is his name. This is from a line of scrapbooking papers and was the inspiration for the room. I need to squish them over to the right so they are all centered above the bed (the bed was in a different spot when I originally hung the letters).

To the left of the window: Letters "A" through "F". I kind of traced them from the scrapbook paper and then painted them on the canvas.
To the right: Letters "G" through "L".
I need to paint two more canvases to finish the alphabet...when I have time!

His toy corner. The toy bins are big plastic rope-handle buckets that I found at Fred Meyer for $5 a piece. There are two there (one is hiding) and the other is blue.

To the right of the doorway when you walk in, his "bookshelf". The four bins are filled with books. I'll probably hang the other two alphabet canvases over this.

This is his closet. It will store all his clothes. It has a few of Isla's things that either need to be hung (dresses) or are bigger than 6month size. There is also some toy storage and bins filled with Miles' baby clothes. The bins on the floor hold his shoes, socks, and undies.

So, just a few more projects to finish and his Big Boy Room should be all set!

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  1. I love the series of alphabet canvas! Nice job :) the whole room looks so different from when I saw it. Did you paint the frames that hold his name letters? If so, please tell me how you did it! I tried painting some white w/spray paint and it was an epic fail.