Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The "Nursery" In Progress

Here is Isla's corner in our bedroom. It is starting to look like a baby might be moving in soon!

The quilt above the dresser is a quilt that one of my aunts had made me for my high school graduation present. I think it goes great here. I plan to put something else on the other wall, just not sure what yet.

This is my side of the bed. There is a little more room there than it looks between the bed and dresser/changer. We're going to put a cradle, pack n play, or rock n play sleeper there for Isla to sleep. Or just a carseat, if she is anything like Miles! Obviously the boxes need to go.

I plan to repaint the knobs on the drawers a shade of pink and put a light pink pattern of some kind on each drawer. I also plan to hang some sort of mobile or poms from the ceiling above this area.

The tower holds diapers/wipes, etc on top. The rest of it will hopefully house blankets, burp clothes, towels, etc in some other baskets.

These are a few fabrics I picked out for a couple small projects. The dark pink and the paisley are for burp clothes and the light pink (it is kind of minky feeling) will be for a changing pad cover.

The top two drawers house socks and shoes, and hats. The Owl hat will be her "Halloween costume" with a brown onsie and some colorful babylegs I have yet to make!

The second drawer holds 0-3mos white short and long sleeve onsies. NB clothes and a few NB sleepers, as well as 0-3 mos sleepers. I think she's got enough sleepers!

The next drawer is for 0-3 mos clothing. Rompers, pants, onsies, and sweaters. Don't be fooled, there are others in the wash!

This is her 3-6 mos wardrobe. Obviously lacking compared to the 0-3 mos stash. There are several rompers and a couple outfits in the wash waiting to be folded and put away with these.

And there you have it. Isla's "nursery" corner in our bedroom. A few more finishing touches and we should be set to go!


  1. Very cute! It really looks great. I recognize a few of the clothes. I'll have to get the 3-6 month batch to you.

    BTW - What aunt made you the quilt?