Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Sewing Projects

Last night, I finally started on my sewing projects for the nursery/baby. Remember these fabrics?

It only took me a few hours...

And a little help...
(From Miles, who loved to push the pedal for me!)
To get my projects done.

The first (actually, I made it last) is this changing pad cover. I followed these instructions from Prudent Baby.

It worked out really well. I may make some more in the future!
My other project was to make some burp clothes.

They turned out slightly differently than I had anticipated, but it worked out.
There are several different sizes of them. Some of them are just fabric sewn onto a plain white "cloth diaper" on one side. Some are two cute fabrics back to back. I also raided my stash of baby fabric (mostly from making bedding for my beautiful niece, Ethne during her hospital stay), and got to work.
I think this "set" is my favorite!

Here is a less exciting set. Just flannel down the middle.

My other favorite set.
And a random one!
I also made a "curtain" for the nursery, which is now finished!
Stay tuned for the nursery reveal in my next post!

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