Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Easter 2010

A month ago, for Easter, we headed over the mountains to meet with my whole family for my niece, Moira's, baptism. We left on a Saturday, stayed in Kirkland overnight, headed up to Bellingham on Sunday morning for the service, played around and came home Monday afternoon/evening. It was a quick, but fun and family filled trip!

Miles did great in the car both on the way over and back. I let my husband drive all the way to North Bend, even through the snow storm in the pass!

There was a large system that passed through the day before, leaving the grown snow covered. It was snowing while we drove, but the roads were wet. This was on April 3rd, I believe.

I took many pictures of the snow and still need to post them on facebook in honor of a friend's husband. The week prior (Saturday March 27th) a coworker and friend lost her 29 year old husband of 5 years to an avalanche while snowmobiling. She is expecting their first baby this August after struggling for four years to conceive.

The memorial service was being held while we were driving through the snowy pass. You see, her husband loved the snow, winter, winter sports, etc. She was thrilled that this spring storm passed through during the celebration of his life.

Apparently I was being a horrible photographer and barely took any pictures the entire weekend. During the Easter service on Sunday, I let Miles play with my camera to entertain himself. Here are a few of the pictures he took.

When I did get a hold of the camera, I was able to snap a few shots of the baptism (and Peter trying to escape, which Miles thought was fabulous and wouldn't stop laughing at him!).

It was a great service and the baptism was right at the beginning, which was great for the toddlers. They escaped to the toddler room, where I ended up spending the remainder of the service with Miles.

These two pictures are actually prior to the service of my sweet niece.

After the service, we headed out to brunch with the whole fam and my sister's in-laws and friends. After brunch (which went fairly well considering it was nap time and all!) we headed outside to try to snap a picture of all the cousins. I'm not sure anyone got one of all four faced looking the same direction.
Ethne (15 months), Peter (brother to Moira, and 27months), Moira (7.5 months), and Miles (2.5 years)

In this one, I told Miles to give Moira a kiss, hoping (and expecting) a sweet peck on the top of her head. I thought it would make for a cute picture. Instead, he grabbed her head, turned it, and laid a big smackaroo right on her lips. Poor girl didn't see it coming! Cousin Ethne is watching in wonderment.

We went back to the hotel after brunch an this was the view from our room. Not pictured is the train tracks that Miles loved.

We stayed the night and hung out with Aunts, Uncles, Grandparents, and Cousins. Monday morning was also spent hanging out with family, a trip to the park, then lunch with Uncle Tyler (Ben's brother), then headed home.
Overall the trip was a success, but exhausting. Miles does not sleep well in hotel rooms, but does wonderfully in the car!

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