Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Wagon Park with Grandma

Monday afternoon, Miles and I enjoyed going downtown to the "wagon park" (as Miles calls it) with Grandma. Miles had a blast!

After the wagon (well before and after!), Grandma sprung for a few rides of the Carousel. He loved riding the horses and could have done it all day. He also sat on a giraffe momentarily until I got him to understand that the giraffe didn't "dance" like the horses do. He's been on this carousel a few times before, but always rode with me. This time, he wanted me to stand and gently hold onto him. He's growing up!

We also stopped by the garbage goat downtown. Miles thought it was fascinating, but a little unsure of its safety. He sat on it before we pushed the button and made it eat some trash. He enjoyed it more before he knew the sound it made...

We had a great afternoon, and I'm sure we'll be heading back to the "Wagon park" and "Merry-go-round" again soon!

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