Wednesday, May 26, 2010

18 weeks

Sorry for the shadow! I cut my head off because this was taken late at night and I was very tired...

How Far Along: 18 weeks (and 2 days now!)

Weight Gain: +10lbs (is it possible to gain 3lbs in one week...or was it the mushroom burger I had the night before???)

Maternity Clothes: Across the board

Sleep: I never feel like I get enough! I wake-up, or am woken up, several times during the day and night when I'm sleeping. We're hoping to remedy that soon.

Symptoms: The heartburn has gotten better this past week. Who knows why, but I'll take it. I've still been pretty gaggy and actually threw-up yesterday after brushing my teeth (for the first time since 14 or 15 weeks). :::sigh:::

Cravings: I guess I'd still put Cheeseburgers officially at the top of the list. Beef in general. I really need to cut back if I want to slow down that weight gain...

Gender: T-6 days and counting!!! Can't wait to post pictures next week and reveal the gender (and possibly a name as well!!!)

Baby: Baby is now about 7oz and about 5.5inches from crown to rump. It is now flexing its arms and legs...and I can feel it!

Movement: This babe is moving all over the place. I love feeling it. I even felt a little kick on my hand the other night! They're still not regular enough for Ben to feel it yet, but soon! It seems to most like to move around during or after I eat. This babe likes its food!

Things I'm Looking Forward to in the coming week: Anatomy scan ultrasound! Can't believe it is here already. I'll be busy between now and then, so that will make it come even faster. I am anxious to hear that all is well with this babe and see if it will reveal its gender to us!

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