Monday, May 10, 2010

Spring Photo Shoot

I've been meaning to take Miles for a spring photo shoot somewhere around town. The weather hasn't been great, and I was waiting for a nice sunny day. Well, today it was sunny and near 70 degrees! We headed out for a little photo shoot at a local Japanese Garden.

Ben was willing to come along, which was a great help. That way, I could put Miles somewhere and walk away. ie. climbing on this bridge

Or out on this rock by the water.

Miles was a great sport, and I thought we got some great shots!
Not sure why he is glowing angelically here...I think his white shirt was a little reflective of the bright sunshine!

If you look close, you can see Ben crouching behind Miles. I wish he had just stepped out of the way for a moment, but oh, well.

Miles loved the waterfall, as he always does.

I think his foot got wet in this picture, and he wasn't a fan. And yes, he is wearing socks with his sandals.

At first he was afraid to sit up on this ledge, and I was able to get him to laugh somehow.

And one last shot of me out on the water with my belly (or baby!)
I'm really having fun with Photoshop too. I'm so glad to have it. When I place the photos side by side before and after, the difference is undeniable!

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  1. great photos! And he looks like a 3 year old. such a little boy these days! And so much more mature than just a month ago. i can't believe it.