Tuesday, August 23, 2011

10 Months!

Where does the time go!?!  My baby is growing up too fast, which brings a tear to my eye.  I missed her 9month post, which also makes me a little sad.  I just finished the first year of posts, turning them into a book, which I'm very excited about, but it also inspired me to keep up on my blogging.  It is so wonderful to have all those pictures and events written out! 

So, here is my sweet Isla Penelope at 10 months (taken today, so 10months and 2 days!).  She is just a bundle of smiles these days.  Pretty mellow and laid back little girl.  She is getting four, yes FOUR new teeth!  I was just saying how she only has the two, then these four are cropping up.  They are the top front four.  The two middle ones have popped through and the other two are right under the gums.  You can see and feel them, but haven't popped through, which makes for some  discomfort for my poor girl :(. 

She is eating a candle in these pictures, hence the hand in her face :).  She will eat just about anything these days.  If it will fit in her mouth, she'll put it there.  Isla loves eating bananas, cheese, puffs, and pretty much any kind of  food I'll let her eat.  She has been doing great with a sippy cup, but so far, we only put water in it.  Next month, I'll start introducing whole cow's milk in a sippy for her to ease into the transition and possibly start weaning from breast milk. 

She is quite the active little girl as well.  She will crawl anywhere to get to anything she wants and is often found having pulled all her wipes out of the container, eating markers and crayons that she pulled out of the art cupboard, or pulling clothes out of  her drawers.  If the bathroom door is left open, she's in there longingly staring into the bathtub or splashing in the toilet...assuming the lid was left up.  It reminds me of stories my  mom would tell me about when I was a baby :).

After she got over  her ear infection from June, she was sleeping horribly, waking every few hours.  After our trip to Lake Chelan, where she slept pretty well in the hotel room with the TV on, us talking, etc, I thought she might sleep better in Miles' room, not right next to me.  And, it worked!  She still gets up once or twice, but usually sleeps from 7-10ish, 10ish-6ish, with occasionally waking at 2ish.  MUCH better :).

And for good measure, Isla at 9 months, since I missed that post...whoops!
At 9 months, she  weighed in at 17# 10oz (24th %) and measured 28 inches (75th-ish %).  Miles at this age was 19# 8oz (33rd %) and was 29.75inches (91st %).  Still a little bigger than his sis!

Here was Miles at 9months. 

And Miles at 10months. 

I don't think they look alike at all :).

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