Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Big Lake: Part Three

After our day at the beach and lounging in the sun, we met up at a park to have some pizza for dinner.  The kids could run and play while waiting and after eating, which is always ideal :).

This picture actually has Tim, Batman and Ethne standing by the tree to the right.

My parents went to a local pizza place and ordered while we waited in the park. 

Isn't Miss Ethne just beautiful!?! 

And Miles in his  Batman apparel...the fleece cape made him a little warm in the 85+ degree heat.  He is still running around as Batman.

Kirsten had some nice awake time.  Such a cutie! 

Ethne liked the baby and the baby liked her :). 

And the baby was quite smitten with the baby :)

See how thrilled she was? 

This little girl can  pack her food in.  She was loving the bread sticks.

Full chipmunk cheeks.

And the best one of the four little cousins :)

After dinner, we walked to the ice cream shop for the  second night in a row where I enjoyed another delicious waffle cone  full of coconut ice cream!  Yummmm...

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