Monday, August 1, 2011

The "Big Lake"

Like last year, my parents hosted me and my siblings for a relaxing weekend in Chelan.  Just like last year, it was fabulous, but with one major missing older sister and her family.  After their recent move to SoCal, coming back for this trip wasn't in the cards this year.  They were missed.  Miles' first question upon entering the hotel (apparently jogging his memory) was "where's cousin Peter?".  Bummer.  We look forward to them possibly coming next year!

The thought of packing for the trip was a little overwhelming to me.  Last year, we didn't even bring a stroller and Miles was potty trained!  This year, we needed bottles, pack n play, diapers, wipes, clothes and more clothes, stroller, baby toys, formula, etc.  A lot more "stuff".  But, I'm proud to say that we didn't forget anything :).  The fact that Isla only eats table foods made life  in that area a little easier.  We didn't have to pack baby food, baby utensils, and all that.

After our "for ages and ages" car ride, which took about 3hrs and 40min door to door (normally 3hr ride with no stops), we joined my parents for some lunch on the Veranda.  After a mini time-out at the car for Miles, it was a lovely lunch.  We tried to check in early, but our room wasn't available yet, so we got our things and headed up to my parents room to change into our suits and hit the beach! 

Miles was quite well behaved with the water.  He had a life vest on or in his floaty the entire time.  He also stayed pretty close to shore and would come right back if you told him he was going too far.  Such a relief!  He may be growing up a little bit :).  He enjoyed tooling around in his turtle, building sandcastles (which I didn't get any pictures of...slacker!), and then taking a dip in the "hot pool" with me when he got cold.

The water wasn't quite as warm as last year due to the delayed onset of summer in these parts.  It was warm outside and the water was a nice relief.  Isla loves her baths, so I was hoping she would love the lake as well.  My mom freaked a bit when I set Isla down where the waves would catch her, thinking she'd freak and hate the water...but...she...LOVED it!!!

Clearly, she thought it was grand :). She liked "digging" in the sand and grabbing fistfuls of dirt (only a few of which made it to her mouth).

She enjoyed splashing... 

And hangin' in the waves...Such a water baby!

This all wore her out and she took a little siesta.

Later that afternoon, the beloved Auntie Annie arrived.  Isla took right to her :).

Shortly after that, Uncle Tim, Aunt Heidi and cousins Ethne and Kirsten arrived and we headed up the street for dinner.

While Peter was greatly missed, Miles loves any and all cousins.  When separated from Ethne, he would ask "where's my cousin?  Is my cousin there?  Are we going to go see my cousin?".  Ethne, in wonderful cousin fashion kept asking "where's Batman?".  She called Miles Batman the whole weekend, which Miles loved!

Hiding in the blanket is my newest niece, Kirsten born on May 21st.  (Ignore Miles in this picture).

Then we walked back to the hotel to relax and hit the hay. 

It was a wonderful start to the weekend!

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