Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Swimming and Boating

The weekend before last, we went up to the cabin for a little  R&R and to soak up some sunshine!  We left when I got home from work on Saturday and were there around lunch time.  We ate and then I had a much needed nap.  When I got up, Miles was dying to go down to the lake...and how could I say no?  I mean, look at this sky!

So, we suited up and  walked down to the shore.  Miles hopped right in the water.  Didn't bat an eye at the cold water!

He was good and stayed near the shore and had fun swimming.

I wish I could remember what he was doing with these sticks.  Maybe they were supposed to be paddles for a boat?  Ugh!  Can't remember...

Isla did sit in the water for a few minutes.  At first she loved it, splashing and laughing.  After a few minutes, she started whining, so I took her out and we played on the grass.  She  is a lover of all keys...or anything metal for that matter!

When Ben woke up, he joined us down by the water.

Sunday, we slept in and enjoyed some breakfast.  We lied low until lunch, then packed up the car and went down to the dock for a little spin around the lake.
Miles had to bring his "floppy fish", now "Spiderman fish" (it is a Spiderman pole) and  go fishing off the dock.  It's a good thing there isn't a hook on that thing!

You can see the remnants of his hickey :).  He found Grandpa Tom's fishing hat.  Miles  has fun on the boat.

It was a BEAUTIFUL day!!!

And a WONDERFUL boat ride!

After a great time parking the boat, we went back up to the cabin and got ready to go.  This was both kids about five minutes after leaving the cabin.

Another wonderful summer weekend at the cabin!

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