Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Park Day

Yesterday, I took the kids to meet some of my coworkers at a park so we could all socialize and the kids could play.  There have  been upwards of 20-30 pregnancies at my work since I started 4.5 years ago.  It's crazy!  We're all baby crazy NICU nurses...imagine that :).  

The main attraction for the play date was this little guy:

Jake, born on 8.2.11, just three weeks new!  So adorable!

Isla was also quite fond of him.  I think it's funny that babies love babies so much!

Here's a few pictures of  some more of  the clan.

Kailub with Brenna.  Kaylee, Kailub's 3month old was napping. 

This includes Jaime and Olivia, and Peyton in the background.

We were trying to get a picture of all the girls, but they wouldn't sit still :). 

It was a nice, sunny, hot summer day.  Such fun to sit and let the kidos play!  There were a lot of people not there, but we had fun none the less.  I have a great group of coworkers and am so glad we could all get  together!

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