Monday, August 1, 2011

A Day at the Park with Friends

Several weeks ago now, the kids and I met up with a friend and her son, who is a few months older than Miles.  Miles had been asking to go to Downtown and ride the carousel, etc, so I asked Maggie if she and Nathan would want to join us, and they did!  It was a great, sunny, very warm day and the kids had a great time running and playing. 

After arriving downtown, our first stop was the carousel.  Miles insisted on riding the tiger, despite the fact that it doesn't move up and down.  A little into the ride, they stopped it to let an apparently terrified little girl off, and Miles asked to switch, but I didn't let him.  He enjoyed his tiger ride.

It worked out really well for him to ride the tiger because it is positioned right next to the bench, which is where I sat with Isla on her first carousel ride.
She was initially mesmorized by all the sights and enjoyed her ride!

Then we wandered over to "the goat", which Maggie had never even heard of!  She has lived here for almost 20years and have never heard of "the goat".  I couldn't believe it.  The boys had a great time "feeding" the goat trash.  We revisited the goat later in our day and they spent about 15min feeding it anything they could find!

We kept walking and stopped at the wagon park.  The boys had fun running around and taking turns going down the slide.  This is when Miles got upset with me for not letting him wear "long pants" because the slide was hot on his legs.  I guess mother doesn't always know best?  :)  He was later glad that he was in "short pants".

I'm pretty sure Miles is playing Batman in this picture :)  He did climb down safely!

We wandered some more and hit up another play structure in the park.  This one was pretty small, quiet, and contained.  It was nice and had some shade.  I placed Isla in a swing for the first time.  She LOVED it!!!

She is laughing in all these pictures :).

The boys enjoyed some time on the big boy swings:
Miles isn't burned, just red from running!

They played very nicely all afternoon.

When we walked back past the fountain, Miles and Nathan wanted to play in the water.  Despite the fact that I didn't have a change of clothes for Miles, I let him play.  He borrowed an extra pair of shorts Maggie had for Nathan.  She brought swim clothes for Nathan...she always comes prepared :) (she also had band-aides readily available when Miles fell running around feeding the goat and skinned his knee :) ).
They had a lot of fun running and playing in the water.  Luckily, I did bring sunscreen. 

This is both boys sitting together "fighting a fire" with the spray.
Miles is also "fighting a fire" here, but it looks like he's doing something else :).  Maggie pointed that out...

While the boys played, Isla hung out in the stroller, where she eventually fell asleep.
This is where we ate lunch, fed the goat some more, then headed back to the mall to eat Ben and Jerry's ice cream.  It was a wonderful summer day spent with great company!

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